Ammar Kaattoula – Plans to Celebrate a Golf Player’s Success?

Getting succes in anything, any field in this world is very good. You do any work obviously to get success. After you get success in any filed you will love to celebrate the success. The success party is a very important party in anyone’s life. The happiness is more in any success party than any other party. To make the success party happier you do alot of things. You invite a number of people and share your happiness. Today this article is here is to provide you some tips to celebrate a success party of a golf player. The success party of a player is not only the succes of the player, it is the succes of the team that the player belongs. If the player is playing for any nation then the success also includes the success of the nation. Today you will get to know about the Ti to celebrate the success party of a golf player. Ammar Kattoula says that you should celebrate the success party of the player according to the sport.

Ammar Kattoula

Tips to celebrate the success of the golf player

This article will provide you the idea celebrate the success party of a golf player according to golf. If this statement is not clear to you then the following paragraphs will clear all your doubts.

What will come in your mind after hearing the line ‘a success party according to the sport’? You will obviously thing of the theme of the place where the party will be held. In some recent years you may have seen the craze of theme parties. This theme party is being so popular because the idea of theme makes you feel the reason behind success more. A simple party will not indicate you the reason behind the party if you are not yet known. A theme party will loudly say the reason behind the party. To celebrate the success of a golf player you decorate the banquet with a golf theme. You can also attach some pictures of the player along with the decoration.

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This next task is to make the guest list. You will obviously want invite a number of people to celebrate your succes. The people who are always there for you, you will obviously love to invite them. There a number of people who belong to your heart, a number of people who helped you to achieve this success. Before you through success party you have invite them all. Make a list of those people and join them to celebrate your success. Ammar Kattoula says that celebrating a success with others multiply the happiness.

Now, this tip is for the people who going to greet the golf player for the success. You will obviously think to gift something to the golf player. There are a number of gift ideas for a golf player. You may gift the golf player personalized golf balls. You may give golf mat so that the player may practice anywhere. You may also give golf club head cover to protect the club heads. You may also give organiser bag for the golf kit.

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Why Popularity Of Golf Is Growing High In Recent Days?

Golf is an ancient game but in recent days it has quickly become popular worldwide. Players of all ages are showing interest in this sport.

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Currently, playing golf is one of the most popular activities for those who are seeking leisure workouts. Walking an 18-hole course gives the players an ideal exercise for the heart. Carrying golf clubs is more beneficial to your health. The health benefits of playing golf are – It helps you to stay fit, to burn unwanted calories. Ammar Kattuola explained it nicely why golf becomes popular. It’s all because of the benefits of golf. These are described below.

Reduces Stress – Playing a round of golf releases endorphins. These are natural mood-enhancing hormones in our brains. Basically, golfing gives you relaxations. It reduces stress, which drastically gives a change to human body and that’s a good change obviously.

Stimulates Blood Circulation – Playing golf actually stimulates blood circulation. This improves nerve cell connections. Physically active body gets a right amount of blood supply.

Improves Mortality Rate – It is concluded that golf just may effect life expectancy. Those who play golf regularly, there is a 40% decrease in mortality rates. That means increasing of a 5-year life expectancy.

Better Sleep – Our bodies take rest and heal most during the time of sleep.  So any activity or sport that helps you to sleep well, naturally, is good for your health. While walking the course, lugging your bag, swinging, you do enough physical workout to fall asleep quickly. The more you work out , the time of sleeping increases and it helps in a deep sleep for a long time.

Getting Better Vision – It takes pretty good vision to zoom in on that round, little white ball. Each time you take a swing, you get the opportunity to evaluate your vision.

It stimulates the Heart–Any form of physical exercise helps to get your adrenaline going. It helps get the blood pumping to hearts. Exercising for just 30 minutes each day can help you lower your blood pressure. Workouts also help you improve your cholesterol; reduce risks of getting heart disease. Diabetes can also be reduced.

During a 18 role round, a player has an average heart rate of 100 beats per minute. This makes your heart strong.

Weight lossAmmar Kattuola, a professional golf player, who guides the beginners very well , Always says that the game of golf is very helpful in reducing weight. Regular exercise is also necessary in golf. You can lose weight through exercise.

Low injury – As golf is a low-impact activity, the mature players find it pretty good because they can burn their calories, reduce their extra weight with a low risk of injury. Golf is played in soft, gentle green surface. It’s an advantage.

As golf is quite simple sport, people are showing interest. The success stories of famous golfers are inspiring the beginners. The aged persons get their kind of happiness in it. Thus golf is becoming popular day by day.

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Ammar Kattoula – How to select the Best Golf Guide

Golf is an ancient yet popular game played on a large open-air course. Golf can seem a little bit complicated at the beginning. There are many rules, many clubs, many terms related to golf like-birdies, bogeys, bump-and-runs, eagle etc. To be a golf player, you have to know all these. Here, some guidelines are given. This may help you to select the best golf guide.

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Finding the Right Coach

An instructor can guide in every possible way to improve your skill of playing. His training adds speed to your improvement. Definitely, it is wanted your coach to be committed to help you.

Ammar Kattoula

For a golf player leading a healthy lifestyle is very important as well as maintaining the diet. Sportsmen are always more conscious. In this case, you need the help of an experienced professional golf player. Ammar Kattaoula, a well-known golf professional, can train you very well. According to Ammar Kattoula, the minerals – potassium, calcium, sodium etc, protein, fluid should be supplied to your body in a large amount. Keeping these in your mind, you have to find out a very good golf guide who will prepare a right diet chart for you.

Golf players need to maintain their exercise routine to give an excellent performance in the field. If you do not will to join gym, you can do freehand exercise. And your guide can train you properly.

How to find

Now what can you do to select the best guide is to take help of internet. You can search an institution where the golf courses are offered. Before joining a course you should collect important information about them. You can ask your friends who play golf or have knowledge of it. They can suggest something which is good for you. Most of information you will get from internet. Just going through those can help you a lot to find the best guide. In present days who doesn’t use social media? It’s a great advantage of social media that you can get a lot of information, so it’s also a platform which can help you to get a guide. If you know one who used to play golf, you can get contacts of guide from there. You can ask people who are already doing course to learn golf well, they can give you a brief description about best institution, best guide, how they do train the learners and everything you want to know.

Golf is really not fun at first. Sometimes the way you hit the ball, that is not the right technique and the ball doesn’t go exactly where you want to send. It’s frustrating. But trust me after suffering and overcoming the problems you will be better than previous one. Today’s mistake is tomorrow’s wisdom. Learning from mistakes eventually you will be an admirable golf player.

So, you have known some essential tips related to golf and reasons behind it. Keeping these in your mind, now you can select a good guide whose guidelines make you a good golf player.

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What are The Best Diets for The Golf Players?

Maintaining diet is very important to lead a healthy life. When it comes to the point of the sportsmen then you need to be more conscious. You need to keep in mind that the capability of the body and muscles depend on the diet largely. So, you should maintain a proper diet and in this case, you can take help of the experienced professional golf player like Ammar Kattoula. According to him you need to maintain the healthy time in proper quantity to get the best result. The quality of the foods that can keep your muscles strong should be taken by you. The calcium rich foods and the potassium, sodium minerals should be supplied to your body in an adequate amount as well. The nutritionist can help you to get the perfect guide chart to maintain when you are being prepared for playing the golf.

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Guideline for the golf players

The golf players need to maintain the strength of their muscles and the bones. In this case you need to get proper minerals. The mineral rich foods along with proper protein can be taken by you. There are some protein shakes available in the market forthe sport professionals. The professionals can help you to get the good quality protein shake in the market. You need to check the materials and the minerals that are available in the shake. The manufacturing company of the shakes should be c checked as well. The reputed manufacturing company can give you the best quality supplements of the minerals.

You can also take the natural sources of the minerals. Animal proteins like red meat, fish oil, eggs and other foods can be taken in an adequate amount. You can also take the vegetables that are good for your healthy and can regulate the heartbeat as well. You also need to maintain the diet for controlling the body balance as well. Different kinds of fruits can also supply you good energy that is needed to practice the exercise and play more. These energy boosters can encourage you to practice more matches and perform in the different exercises as well. You need to take sufficient amount of fluids as well. The fluids are good for your health when you are playing golf. The quality of the food should be checked and it is best to take these in boiled or raw form.


Ammar Kattoula can help you to get the proper nutrients from the foods for becoming more eligible in playing golf. The golf players should have perfect strong bones and structure to get the ultimate result on the fields. The foods should be fresh and good in quality. As a sport person you need to keep some essential points in your mind when you are taking foods. The nutrition specialists can also help you to get the chart to follow when you are playing golf and preparing yourself as the sports person. The quality of the nutritionist should be checked before taking his suggestion.

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What are The Rules for The Beginners In Golf Playing?

Each and every thing in this world has some rules to follow. Likewise the sport golf has some rules. You need to know the rules before you start playing golf. If you are a beginner it is very important to know the rules of the sport golf. This article has been written to provide you some details about the rules of playing golf. The rules are applicable for all but the beginners should go through the rules before they start playing. Ammar Kattoula has also mentioned in some of his articles about these rules of playing golf.

Ammar Kattoula

Before you start playing golf you should have a personal kit to play with. Now you will get the details about a personal golf kit from this article. Here are the instruments mentioned- golf ball, golf club, ball markers, tees, golf bag, club heads covers, gloves and shoes for yourself.

Now let us focus on the rules of playing golf. Following are the rules stated-

  1. Golf clubs to carry– you can carry maximum 14 golf clubs in your bag. You can find variety of golf clubs. Every golf club has some significance.
  2. Play within the parameters– you should play within the parameter of the tees. It is very important to look after this rule otherwise you may go through some penalty. You should play between the appropriate markers. A red marker is denotes the range for women and the yellow is for men.
  3. Do not play with the wrong ball– according to Ammar Kattoula choosing the correct ball is very much import. A shot with a wrong ball can disappoint you. All the balls are equally stamped but you should identify your ball otherwise you may face penalty.
  4. Green rules– when you reach the golf field there are two basic rules you need to know. When a ball is stopped at a place you can pick it up and clean it but before you pick it up make a mark on that point. Marking on that point is necessary because you will have to put that ball on the same place again. The second rule is you may repair pitch marks before the completion of the hole.
  5. Hit the ball when it is at rest– according to rule you cannot hit the ball which is in motion. When the ball gets stopped you may hit it.
  6. Balls you cannot play with– you may get some shot that drop the in such a place where you cannot play it next time. In such situations you may hit another ball from the place you have began.
  7. Ball out of the boundary– you cannot play with a ball that has crossed the boundaries. In such situation you have to start again.
  8. Focus on the scores– you should score correctly. Not all the shots may give you proper score. Play to get proper score and fill the score card correctly.

Focus on these basic rules before you be  a golf player.

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Golf Gift Ideas: Gifts to Remember

The sport of golf is gradually gaining popularity with the global mass. Playing golf comprises of playing with the help of a lot of accessories. So, if an individual has plans to gift golf accessories or types of equipment to his or her near or dear one, then he or she must look out for the best practical golf gifts for professional and amateur versions of the game. Deciding on what to buy as the golfing gift can be a tough job, especially when the giver does not have or has little idea about the sport. So before buying anything g, consider doing research on your ideas about what to gift to the receiver of the gift.

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Importance of personalized golf gifts

Personalized gifts are the best type of golf gifts that a player can receive. You might be searching for a unique piece of gift for your loved one who plays the sport either professionally or in the amateur version. A personalized gift is always special, receiving which makes the receiver feel really special. The person will be delighted to receive the personalized token of golf accessory, and the gift will be kept as his or her favorite for the rest of the life. The personalized gift will be no less than a toke of memorabilia for him or her. Below there are some practical ideas for personalized golf gifts to help you out with your idea of gifting.

Drink bottle

A drink bottle is the most vital accessory of the sport since the players carry water as well as energy drink along with them for retaining the vital nutrients which are lost by playing under scorching heat. A drink bottle etched with their name or any message along with it is a fine idea for making them feel special

The club covers

The golf club covers are used to cover the clubs when not in use. These covers can be personalized with great intricate designs and different shades of colors. Attractive golf covers can indeed be the eye catcher in the field.

Golf kit bag

The golf kit bag can be personalized with the name stitched or printed of the player. It will be a great gift as well as essential since the bag will be easy to get back if lost or misplaced by the player unintentionally. A customized golf kit will guarantee the safety and the security of the accessories kept inside it too.

Towel for the sport

Golf towel can be a vital personalized gift among your idea for gifting the golfer. Towels are the essential accessories of all the golf kit bags which are used to soak up the perspiration of the players while playing under the scorching sun. In the same way, if they get lost they can be easily retrievable for having the name of the player on it.

Golf T-shirts

Golf T-shirts with pictures or names on it can be am the memorable gift that a player can receive. They can treasure the T-shirt forever.

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The Past and Present of Body Building

Since the 1980’s people have become keener in maintaining of their physique and health. They spend a considerable time of the day after building the muscles and they also spend a considerable amount in maintaining their perfect bodies by consuming supplements. If you look at the statistics, the supplements used by the body builders sell like hot cakes in the market. Even if you want to avoid the supplement you cannot, since it is mandatory for your body. The rigorous activity of body building involves losing out on the important nutrients of the body. Here comes the purpose of the supplements. The supplements supply these nutrients into your body by refilling the lost nutrients so that you do not lose the strength and also motivate yourself to push your limits further to take up more challenging activities to build your body more efficiently.

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To know about the history of the supplements used for building, we have to go down the years, centuries ago. Mr. Eugene Sandow is honored as the inventor of the sport or activity of body building. It is known that he invited audiences to attend his show of his muscles and toned body. His agility and strength became the center of attractions or many spectators who came from land across and believe to see his well-built structure of body. He was said to have the best Grecian body. After receiving global popularity, Mr. Sandow promoted body building among the masses through his business. He also started marketing for the products which aided the process of body building. Even the very first equipment built for physical exercise bore his name as its inspiration. The first ever body building competition that was held in London, also had his name tagged with it. It is said that it was the earliest form of Mr. Olympia.World War II gave the concept of body supplements a big boost. The soldiers obviously required more strength by building up of a great physique. So they took help of the body building supplements and also improvised the technics of their training. Very soon, they gained the power to combat the international enemies effectively and proficiently. The popularity of body building led to the formation of International Federation of Body Building or the IFB.

The supplements aremeant for safer intake and also a safer practice of body building. Today, there are builders in this sport who consume unwanted and harmful supplements or steroids which enable themselves to build the muscles and strength in humongous and intense way. They are not aware of the fact that the side effects of these bad steroids are deadly in most of the cases. They have to face several physical ailments after a certain amount of time. The use of these supplements have been banned many times and in almost every countries, but even after that, builders get hold of them easily in exchange of a huge price. The price to be paid for this is very much costly.

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The Importance of A balanced Diet in Fitness Training Programs

It is a widely accepted fact that balanced diet is as important as staying fit. Moreover, the health experts of today are of the opinion that one can lose weight and stay healthy with the help of a diet that has plenty of proteins and nutritional elements in it. To stay fit, one should not rely on several fitness training programs. He or she should realize that eating healthy is one of the vital components of body fitness. Even if someone spends a majority of time in the gym and eats an unbalanced diet, it is likely that he or she would deteriorate their health. On the other hand, the balanced diet should not only help the individual to achieve fitness training, but it should also contribute holistically to improve the performance of the training. Here is the list of several facts about the balanced diet that is termed essential in maintaining good health.

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It’s important to consume the right carbohydrates

Many health practitioners are of the opinion that carbohydrates are essential for the body’s demand for energy. In fact, carbohydrates are also perceived as the primary energy boosting components in our food. Moreover, as per the latest recommendations put forward by major health councils all over the world, about 50 percent to 65 percent of the total calories of the body should come from carbohydrates. On the other hand, it is vital to select the right kind of carbs as it may often mislead people to consume unhealthy food rich in oil content. Hence, an individual who is undergoing fitness training programs should focus on eating whole grains and cereals.

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Getting off to a good start in the early morning

Many health practitioners have time and again laid stress on the right type of breakfast as it increases the body’s ability to absorb protein and essential nutrients present in the diet. A well-balanced breakfast should boast some healthy proteins and carbohydrates to make sure that the whole day is spent in the right form of energy. Moreover, eating a well-balanced breakfast is of utmost importance when someone is planning to undergo a fitness training program in the morning. It is so because a balanced breakfast sets the tone for upcoming exercises that the body would endure. Instead of consuming cereals that are high in sugar content, one must eat wholesome foods as they are essential in filling up the nutritional requirements of the body.

Packing protein in diet

It is regarded as one of the most important constituents in food. It is essential for the maintenance of the human body. However, care must be taken to consume the right type of protein as many proteins contribute to the cause of obesity. It is also regarded as one of the primary source of fuels during fitness training. On the other hand, it is a major source of energy when someone is undergoing a fitness training program. Hence, the importance of a nutritional diet is evident from the above-mentioned facts.

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What is The Importance Of Golf Equipment?

Golf is the laid back game that numerous people like to play for relaxation and fun. But, this is also used as the way for businesspeople to just build the relationships and also conduct business. Just ask the normal business executive, and then they will tell you that several high profile business deals are absolutely closed during this friendly golf games.

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Though it does not even matter if you play the golf for business or entertaining reasons, no one will discuss the fact that golf is the expensive game to play. According to Ammar Kattoula between the golfing apparatus and the golf apparel, the golfer can, in fact, spend a lot of money to enjoy a specific round of golf.

Purchase some Affordable Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are actually going to be your most luxurious purchase possibly. Though, you have the aptitude to control how much currency is actually spent by acknowledging some things. While going to play the golfs, you have to make sure that you purchase lots of useful and effective golf clubs. It will assist you in playing the golfs properly. Though it does not make any particular sense to waste the money on purchasing expensive golf clubs and that is why checking all of the websites is absolutely important.

ammar kattoula

Start with the Cheaper Golf Balls

Golf balls are one of the important things that each and every golfer should have. So, as a matter of fact, they must purchase the golf balls from some reliable sites. As per the statement of Ammar Kattoula, when you will go to buy the golf ball, you should check its flexibility properly.

Select a roomy and comfortable bag

There are several really impressive golf bags available in the recent marketplace. When it comes to the golf bags, the most significant thing is just to purchase one that is comfortable, sturdy, lightweight as well as roomy. In fact, whenever you go to select any of the comfortable bags you have to make sure that you put all the accessories in it. So, based on the size of the bag, you can easily go ahead with this. A golf bag normally has several sections just to accommodate these specific items. But, keep in mind that the exact main priority is just to find the golf bag, which is comfortable. Walking around the golf course can easily turn out to be quite tiring.

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How to Impress The Golf Players by Gifting Them Properly?

If we want to impress any person we should go in search of their passion and things related to it. As an example, if we give any beautiful painting to any artists, no doubt that person will love it. Same goes for a golf player also; he would love to receive an impressive gift which is much needed while he is playing golf.

Ammar Kattoula

If we gift anything to a person, we first think that how much they will like this stuff or they may not like it, or they may be very impressed by the gift. If we want to impress that person with the gift, we have to choose any stuff which is liked by the person most. As an example, any material related to golf will be the best gift for a golf player.

Here are some gift ideas for any golf player, listed below-

  • Let us start thinking with a simple gift. To play golf a golf ball is needed obviously. Rather than playing with a simple single colored golf ball, it would be more interesting if the balls are interesting. Multicolored balls or balls printed with different emoji or any animation character which are famous or in trend nowadays will make the balls more interesting.
  • Let us come to the second idea of today’s article. Stuffs like golf gloves; organizer bag is a good idea to gift a golf player. This stuff will be useful for any golf player and will remind you every single time when they will use it. Gifts which can be used are most valuable according to me, but it depends upon the choice of the person who is giving the gift.
  • Other than useful gifts here are some gift ideas which are simple but just to show or see. Stuff like any showpiece which shows any object or anything related to golf can be a sweet, simple gift for a golf player. Any painting or art which shows stuff related to golf is also a good idea to gift a golf player.
  • In recent days there is a trend of giving personalized gift. Personalization enhances the beauty or value of the gift. Any personalized gift like personalized gloves, personalized photo frames with a picture of that person playing golf, personalized show pieces, etc. personalized gifts give an extra shine to that gift it is more attractive than other gifts.
  • One of the most useful gifts for a golf player is a set of instruments of apparatus which is used while playing golf is a good option. Such types of gifts are beneficial for the player, and it motivates them to be a great player.

There are many other ideas left to discuss. But today here in this article we discussed some of the gift ideas for a golf player. These are the basic ideas which we discussed. You can make your gift unique by giving your personal touch to that gift by making it more interesting.

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