The Past and Present of Body Building

Since the 1980’s people have become keener in maintaining of their physique and health. They spend a considerable time of the day after building the muscles and they also spend a considerable amount in maintaining their perfect bodies by consuming supplements. If you look at the statistics, the supplements used by the body builders sell like hot cakes in the market. Even if you want to avoid the supplement you cannot, since it is mandatory for your body. The rigorous activity of body building involves losing out on the important nutrients of the body. Here comes the purpose of the supplements. The supplements supply these nutrients into your body by refilling the lost nutrients so that you do not lose the strength and also motivate yourself to push your limits further to take up more challenging activities to build your body more efficiently.

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To know about the history of the supplements used for building, we have to go down the years, centuries ago. Mr. Eugene Sandow is honored as the inventor of the sport or activity of body building. It is known that he invited audiences to attend his show of his muscles and toned body. His agility and strength became the center of attractions or many spectators who came from land across and believe to see his well-built structure of body. He was said to have the best Grecian body. After receiving global popularity, Mr. Sandow promoted body building among the masses through his business. He also started marketing for the products which aided the process of body building. Even the very first equipment built for physical exercise bore his name as its inspiration. The first ever body building competition that was held in London, also had his name tagged with it. It is said that it was the earliest form of Mr. Olympia.World War II gave the concept of body supplements a big boost. The soldiers obviously required more strength by building up of a great physique. So they took help of the body building supplements and also improvised the technics of their training. Very soon, they gained the power to combat the international enemies effectively and proficiently. The popularity of body building led to the formation of International Federation of Body Building or the IFB.

The supplements aremeant for safer intake and also a safer practice of body building. Today, there are builders in this sport who consume unwanted and harmful supplements or steroids which enable themselves to build the muscles and strength in humongous and intense way. They are not aware of the fact that the side effects of these bad steroids are deadly in most of the cases. They have to face several physical ailments after a certain amount of time. The use of these supplements have been banned many times and in almost every countries, but even after that, builders get hold of them easily in exchange of a huge price. The price to be paid for this is very much costly.

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