What are The Rules for The Beginners In Golf Playing?

Each and every thing in this world has some rules to follow. Likewise the sport golf has some rules. You need to know the rules before you start playing golf. If you are a beginner it is very important to know the rules of the sport golf. This article has been written to provide you some details about the rules of playing golf. The rules are applicable for all but the beginners should go through the rules before they start playing. Ammar Kattoula has also mentioned in some of his articles about these rules of playing golf.

Ammar Kattoula

Before you start playing golf you should have a personal kit to play with. Now you will get the details about a personal golf kit from this article. Here are the instruments mentioned- golf ball, golf club, ball markers, tees, golf bag, club heads covers, gloves and shoes for yourself.

Now let us focus on the rules of playing golf. Following are the rules stated-

  1. Golf clubs to carry– you can carry maximum 14 golf clubs in your bag. You can find variety of golf clubs. Every golf club has some significance.
  2. Play within the parameters– you should play within the parameter of the tees. It is very important to look after this rule otherwise you may go through some penalty. You should play between the appropriate markers. A red marker is denotes the range for women and the yellow is for men.
  3. Do not play with the wrong ball– according to Ammar Kattoula choosing the correct ball is very much import. A shot with a wrong ball can disappoint you. All the balls are equally stamped but you should identify your ball otherwise you may face penalty.
  4. Green rules– when you reach the golf field there are two basic rules you need to know. When a ball is stopped at a place you can pick it up and clean it but before you pick it up make a mark on that point. Marking on that point is necessary because you will have to put that ball on the same place again. The second rule is you may repair pitch marks before the completion of the hole.
  5. Hit the ball when it is at rest– according to rule you cannot hit the ball which is in motion. When the ball gets stopped you may hit it.
  6. Balls you cannot play with– you may get some shot that drop the in such a place where you cannot play it next time. In such situations you may hit another ball from the place you have began.
  7. Ball out of the boundary– you cannot play with a ball that has crossed the boundaries. In such situation you have to start again.
  8. Focus on the scores– you should score correctly. Not all the shots may give you proper score. Play to get proper score and fill the score card correctly.

Focus on these basic rules before you beĀ  a golf player.

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